GrimWolf – Order of the Lycan

GrimWolf – Lycanthrope

GrimWolf-Lycanthrope-COVERA ferocious incarnation of all that is metal. In your face and ear fucking metal!

Track Listing

  1. Lycanthrope
  2. Becoming The Beast
  3. Feast of Flesh
  4. Full Moon Draw
  5. GrimWolf
  6. Immortal Beloved
  7. Bark At The Moon
  8. Wolfsbane
  9. The Night Is My Bride
  10. The Hunt
  11. Little Red
  12. Moonshine

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GrimWolf – Pure American Werewolf Metal

GrimWolf’s debut EP! “Pure American Werewolf Metal” hits people with an adrenalized dose of werewolf metal like no other band could. This is a hard hitting and intense EP consisting of five monstrous tracks.

Track Listing

  1. GrimWolf
  2. Becoming The Beast
  3. Feast of Flesh
  4. Immortal Beloved
  5. Full Moon Draw