So I was browsing the internet and googled the word “GrimWolf band” and a few pages in I found a link to a review about GrimWolf from “The Metal Crypt”.  Apparently according to “Sargon The Terrible”, I think this is his black metal codename…we are to “groovy”, Brent’s vocals are lacking, and there are no catchy riffs. Read the review HERE.

Okay, so, when a band puts their shit out they are opening them selves up to criticism, sure. As a band we have to take reviews with a grain of salt because it is ALL SUBJECTIVE, right? So then I started poking around the site to see what else these reviewers are saying. Apparently according to The Metal Crypt the new Ozzy album “Scream” SUCKS ASS! Read it here. Personally I thought Ozzy’s new album may be his strongest since “No Rest for the Wicked”.

So as you can tell I have a problem with people criticizing my art but then again I opened up to it, right?

In looking over more of this site…..I can definitely see they like black metal which equals = shitty guitar sound and riffage, un-groovy in all respects, retardedly raspy vulture like vocals and fucking blast beats galore, IMHO. We are in no way like a black metal band… all….even though he thought that GrimWolf sounded like a black metal band name, wtf?  So it is safe to say that “Sargon The Terrible” entered the review with a closed mind having already come to a conclusion and then being disappointed that what he heard was not a recording of the sounds of the lower intestine of Satan.

So, I get it now…..”Sargon” has shitty taste in music, IMHO.  So if we were to use their five star rating system backwards then we would still be in the middle three star range, but at least Ozzy would have five stars!