We are currently putting together a show for the 23rd of October, 2010. This will more than likely be our next live show. The 23rd is a full moon so all so cal GrimWolf fans are required to come! We are looking for other bands with the word wolf in their name to be a part.

Also, we are on the look out for a venue, all-ages preferred, to host the event. Looking for two other bands to play and if we have to three others for a total of four bands. So if you have any info on a place or bands that might be interested in playing please send us and eMail so we can get this show rolling.

As well, since the show is so close to Halloween we want to have attendees dress up like werewolves and or vampires if you like…..but mostly werewolves. If you are interested in being a part as a sponsor, promoter, band or venue please contact us ASAP using our contact page. Thank you!