I just posted a new song for your listening ears called “Immortal Beloved”. This is a song that was inspired by my wife Katie (Katrina is her birth name), the love of my life and the most amazing person that I know.

As you may or may not know it is kind of difficult to write a metal love song….not hair metal or whiney screamo/emo “metal” but real metal love song. I think this one came off well. The theme was inspired by the movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and the love story within. As well this theme fits both Katie and my personalities quite well. I am an angry emotion driven werewolf type and she is a cool calculated and discerning vampire type.

The more I’ve worked with this song and the more I’ve listened to it has given me a deep connection with the song. I hope you enjoy it! I love you Katie!!!

Thanks for reading!

Immortal Beloved
By: Brent D. Wisdom

The coven it calls
it whispers my name
We’re dogs to them all
No matter the cost
I’ll fight for your love
To hell and back,
I’ll fight them all


Vampier and lycan
a love thats forbiden
in our hearts we have hidden
No one could love you
Like I do
A love that is true

What runs through these veins

Even when the moon turns to blood
My love will still be true
If they catch me like a dog
When I bleed I’ll bleed You

My Katrina!

To taste your blood
Immortal beloved
This love that they covet

I’ll enter you strong
A savage love fest
Moon glistened breasts