So here we are approaching September! I cannot wait until fall begins, I am done with the 100+ degree days. Its more than my werewolf fur can take.

A couple things. We are working on final mixes of our first five songs that are up on our MySpace page ( ). They should be done in the coming month and up for your listening pleasure. We are still contemplating how we are going to distribute these songs……..either a few for free so we can promote newsletter sign ups or just go straight to iTunes. What do you think?

Also, we are working on some brand new material. Right now the aim is to have two more songs to you by Halloween, one is called “The Hunt” and the other is called “Wolfsbane”. We believe that both songs are gonna satisfy the primal side of you like none of our songs previously.

Working on new merch and getting ready for a few upcoming gigs as well. We will be playing in Lake Arrowhead Ca on October 3rd, at Yayos in Las Vegas on November 14th and at the Winterblast Festival in Arizona (date TBA).