Werewolf metallers GrimWolf just released their latest music video for their song Little Red. A timeless tale centered around Little Red Riding Hood told with a bit of a twist. “We went sort of comic book-ish with this video, green screened the whole thing. We think it will be received well because the band does not appear in the video.” Jested the bald frontman Brent Wisdom. A colorful video with plenty of support for cannabis enthusiasts. Though GrimWolf is not a stoner metal band in the traditional sense they do support all things marijuana.

GrimWolf has been on the music scene since 2008 spreading their werewolf metal to all lycan-kind. Putting out their first music video Moonshine in support of their debut album Lycanthrope in 2011. They are currently finishing up the writing process for their sophomore release due sometime in 2014 via their own label and production company 13 O’Clock Studios.